Willi Zimmermann - violin

From 1985 to 2007 Willi Zimmermann was leader of the internationally acclaimed Amati Quartet, which performed in the great halls of the world and realized about 30 recordings, which won numerous prizes in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland. He worked together with some of the world‘s most celebrated musicians as David Geringas, Antonio Meneses, Anner Bjilsma, Steven Isserlis, Eduard Brunner, Paul Meyer, James Galway and many others. He is concertmaster of the Zurich Chamber Orchestra since 2008. This has resulted in collaborations with renowned artists like among others Krystian Zimerman, András Schiff, Rudolf Buchbinder, Heinrich Schiff. He has performed as co-soloist with Daniel Hope, Giuliano Carmignola, Patricia Kopatchinskaja and many others. In 2016 Willi Zimmermann is leading the Berliner Barocksolisten, the baroque ensemble of Berliner Philharmoniker.

Willi Zimmermann plays an exceptional violin made by Antonio Stradivari from 1714.

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